Flutter: Android sdkmanager not found Error [Solved]


Android sdkmanager not found is a flutter error. It’s look like this in the terminal.

Android sdkmanager not found. Update to the latest Android SDK and ensure that the cmdline-tools are installed to
resolve this.

Today you will learn how you can solve this error. But first let’s see when you get the Andoid sdkmanager not found error in flutter?

Situation You get this Error

You type in the terminal

flutter doctor --android-licenses

And you get the Android sdkmanager not found an error in the terminal.

You may get this error in any other circumstances.

But, the thing is we want to solve this problem.

Let’s solve it by following these steps:

Step 1: First open the Android Studio

Step 2: Open SDK Manager from the three dots icon

Step 3: Open the “SDK tools” Tab

Appereance & Behavior > System Settings > Android SDK – SDK tools tab

Step 4: Uncheck “Hide Obselete Packages” check box at the bottom

Step 5: Check the checkbox “Android SDK Command-line Tools

Step 6: Check the checkbox “Android SDK Tools (Obselete)

Step 7: Press the Apply Button and press ok in the download message

Step 8: Download is completed. You can restart your PC if you want

Step 9: Now check that the error still occurs

Run this command in the terminal

flutter doctor --android-licenses

Wait! If you are still facing that error.

Step 10: Then please visit this directory

ANDROID SDK PATH \Android\Sdk\cmdline-tools

ANDROID SDK PATH: This is the path where your android SDK is located.

Most users have their SDK in this location

This PC> Local Disk (C): > Users > Your Current User > AppData > Local > Android > Sdk > cmdline-tools

Step 11: Check that you have two folders with the name latest and latest-2

Step 12: Delete latest folder first

Step 13: Rename the latest-2 folder to latest

Step 14: Restart and run this command in the terminal

flutter doctor --android-licenses

Done: Your error is gone.


I think this method will solve your problem but if you are still struggling then open an issue at flutter GitHub.

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Hussain Humdani

Hussain Humdani

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