Flutter: six_ft_apart’. ‘six_ft_apart’: Icons.six_ft_apart, Problem [Solved]

You just upgrade your flutter framework version from version 2.5 to 2.8 and get the Error message related to six_ft_apart'. 'six_ft_apart': Icons.six_ft_apart.

And your existing app is breaking.

six_ft_apart is the name of the icon in flutter material library icons. Its solution is simple.

Here we have to focus on the underscore ”_” in the name of the icon.

Some icons’ name is changed in a flutter.

For that reason


is changed to


Add double underscore in the name of the icon.

Or you can change the lines in this location

 'six_ft_apart': Icons.six__ft_apart,
  'six_ft_apart_sharp': Icons.six__ft_apart_sharp,
  'six_ft_apart_rounded': Icons.six__ft_apart_rounded,
  'six_ft_apart_outlined': Icons.six__ft_apart_outlined,


Hussain Humdani

Hussain Humdani

while ( ! ( succeed = try() ) );